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Residential Window Tinting

All that warm, bright sun can do a number on your home. From increased air conditioning costs to faded furniture, draperies, and rugs, UV and IR rays can be your worst enemy. Residential window films from Comfort Zone Window Tinting block up to 80% of the sun’s heat and also protect your belongings from premature wear. Let us help you provide a more comfortable home for your family. Click or call today!

Commercial Window Tinting

Much like our residential films, commercial window tints from Comfort Zone Window Tinting reject up to 80% of solar energy. These same films help retain heat in the winter, making your space more comfortable and energy-efficient year-round. When you choose Comfort Zone Window Tinting, you’ll save money, increase your property’s value, and make a happier work environment all at once.

Safety And Security Films

From prying eyes and storm debris to break-ins and vandalism, windows and door glass can make your property vulnerable to any number of dangers. Safety and security films provide extra protection by adding reflective surfaces, darkening the glass, and reinforcing the structure of the panes. If you’re looking for a solution that protects your family, school, or business from harm, contact us today.




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Living in Texas means big open spaces, warm weather, and plenty of sun. But there are times that we want protection from the sun’s rays as well as prying eyes and debris. Comfort Zone Window Tinting has been providing residential and commercial window tinting solutions for over 22 years. If you’re looking for UV protection, added security, or storm protection, our team is ready to give you 110% on every project. Click below or call (210) 683-6754 to request a quote.


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